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The Aquadome has been great for Lauryn's physical and mental health
Dec 6, 2023
A daily routine of fitness classes has helped Lauryn through her pregnancy and beyond!

Hi! My name is Lauryn from Nowa Nowa and I have been a member of the Lakes Entrance Aquadome for many years. 

I’ve enjoyed using the many different classes the Aquadome has had to offer, from aquatics and fitness to boot camps and mini triathlons.

I especially enjoy the range of group fitness classes! They have been overall great for my physical health and the comradery and friendships I have built over the years is also fantastic for my mental health. 

The 6am classes have become part of my daily routine as gets me in the right headspace before heading off to work. So much so that during my pregnancy, I continued to attend these classes right up to two days before giving birth!

During my pregnancy, the group fitness instructors were very accommodating. They always had alternative exercises on hand, catering for my changing body. I truly believe that continuing my daily routine of exercise assisted in my birth and speedy recovery.

I can’t wait to get back to group fitness as part of my postpartum regimen!