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Member profile - Betty
Mar 21, 2023
Learn about Betty's experiences at the Aquadome as a woman with low vision.

Some 11 years ago, I asked my neighbor where it was she disappeared to early in the mornings.

She told me she visited the Lakes Entrance Aquadome five days a week to use their fitness equipment and to have a swim.

That got me thinking! Though vision impaired, I wondered how I too, with help of my “Seeing Eye Dog” Quincy, might manage a visit to the Aquadome.

I needn’t have worried.

The facility is well set-up beautifully maintained and is particularly equipped for patrons with disabilities.

Besides, my doctor was enthusiastic, encouraging participation and happily explaining the benefits of exercise as well as the wellbeing benefits of interaction with others.

With no more thoughts of “what ifs” and with Quincy leading the way, we embarked on an adventure, which has become an essential part of my life.

A Golden Retriever, Quincy was made to feel as welcome as I was, with staff members only too happy to see he was positioned comfortably where he could see me at all times. He quickly became a favorite visitor, the hardest part remembering that he was a working dog and should not be distracted from his task.

On his retirement, Quincy was followed by Jamie, a Goldarn Labrador whose place on her mat by the pool became just as expected.

Though Jamie passed away recently with a heart condition and I no longer have the use of a “Seeing Eye Dog” I will be forever grateful for the help, respect and understanding that the management and staff at the Aquadome have always shown to my dogs and myself.

A large part of living an active and interesting life is the contribution of friends and associates.

Over the years, I have enjoyed making many friends with others who visit the Aquadome. There is always someone with an interesting tale or a laugh to share.

Life is never dull I think, as I wait expectantly for the Lakes Taxi to arrive and pick me up in the early mornings even in the winter months!

Now in my 88th year, I still visit the Aquadome five times a week.

These days, my activities are restricted to the pool and spa areas. Not to mention of course, the necessary cup of coffee and chat with staff and friends before getting on with the rest of the day.