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Learn why the Aquadome is an important part of Paula's day
Aug 9, 2023
The Aquadome helps organ transplant recipient Paula meet her health goals.

The Aquadome team is here to support all visitors, no matter your goals or situation.

Read how our facility supports Paula's aim to maintain her fitness and stick to a daily exercise schedule.

My forefathers settled in Lakes Entrance late in the 1800s. They arrived to fish the waters of the Gippsland Lakes and Bass Strait.

That was six generations ago, and today, my sons work with their father in that same industry.

Like most busy mothers, I sometimes wonder how I will fit all the things I plan to achieve into my day. With my partner and three sons and working full time myself, that can sometimes get a bit tricky.

I have always been active. I enjoy walking along the beach or the local tracks with my family and dogs. I couldn’t imagine starting the day without exercise and it is this daily routine, I’m sure, which helped me overcome a serious health threat.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with a rapidly deteriorating lung disease, which would eventually prove fatal. My only hope of survival was to undergo a double lung transplant.

After a few months of nervous waiting, I was to become one of the ‘lucky ones,’ and after many more weeks of care from the Transplant Team at the Alfred Hospital, I was finally discharged with some new lungs and some essential words of advice.

It was imperative that I keep up a daily exercise program designed to keep my fitness levels up, and to help support my lung function.

Attending the Gym and Aqua-Aerobics sessions at the Lakes Entrance Aquadome has now become another essential part of my day.

Offering a selection of equipment and sessions to choose from, their team of fitness experts has helped to make exercising not only beneficial, but fun, ensuring I achieve all that is required to help me live an active life.

It’s been over five years now. And with the help of the team at the Lakes Entrance Aquadome, I have been able to remain fit and healthy and certainly able to keep up with my boys.

‘Happily’ I am also still able to enjoy my daily walks along the beach.