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Arthur goes from strength to strength at the Aquadome!
Feb 28, 2024
Arthur reflects on his career growth since joining the Aquadome at age 16.

I first started lifeguarding at the Aquadome when I was 16.

It was my second job and a fantastic way to develop my people skills and learn how to work both independently and within a team environment. Starting in the role of lifeguard at the Aquadome was the perfect way to get to know how the facility operates from the aquatic side of things and develop a sense of responsibility for the safety of our patrons.

After six months of lifeguarding, I also began working on the front desk as a customer service officer. Working as a CSO, I quickly learnt about how the rest of the facility operates from an administrative perspective. I was able to further develop my people skills while continuously learning all aspects of what goes into running the centre on a day-to-day basis.

After working for an additional twelve months between the two roles I began working as a Duty Manager. Working as a Lifeguard and CSO provided me with the skill set required to oversee and effectively manage the facility whilst in the role of DM. When working as Duty Manager I am responsible for the safety of everyone within the facility as well as the facility itself. I am required to assist patrons and staff with any queries, ensure our pools are safe to use and respond and take lead in any incidents that may occur.

Both the personal and professional development I have experienced from working at the Aquadome for a relatively short period of time has been immense. The skillsets I have developed equip me with the ability to further a career within the aquatics industry or are alternatively just as valuable in a wide range of other potential industries.

The aquatics industry offers huge potential for growth and I would highly recommend anyone considering applying for a position to go for it!